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Frequently asked questions

Are we able to manufacture custom sizes?

Yes, we can. We manufacture all products in our Melbourne factory, we are able to make cot and bassinette mattresses of many shapes and sizes. If you require a size outside of our stocked sizes, someone from our team will communicate with you and ensure the correct sized mattress is made to suit your needs.

Are our mattresses safe?

Safety is one of our top priorities. From the spring units, to our labels, we source everything we can from Australian manufacturers. This means we have strict control over what our raw materials are exposed to, whilst also passing all relevant firmness tests.

Do we spray any chemicals on our mattresses?

No, we do not spray any of our products. Our cot mattresses are free from any fire retardants, adhesives, resins, plastic coated fabrics or Formaldehyde.

How do I know what size cot mattress to order?

We recommend a snug fit when using a cot mattress. Most newer cots have labels attached to the slats, which will instruct you on what size mattress you will need. You can then order from our list of available sizes, or custom order the correct size. If there is no label on your cot, you will need to measure before ordering.

There must never be a gap of more than 4 centimetres, when the mattress is pushed up against one side of the cot. On the other hand, a mattress which is too tight and also be a hazard, as it may bend and deform the mattress.

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