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Deluxe Innerspring Cot Mattress COMFORT AND SAFETY NONPAREIL

Australia’s favourite cot mattress, the Deluxe innerspring stands unopposed. With countless units in the Australian market and an unblemished safety record, the Deluxe offers both safety and peace of mind.

The Deluxe is constructed with an Australian made tempered bonel spring, Australian made Dunlop foams and an unbleached natural Australian made cotton quilt (quilted in house).

Simple, safe and high quality. Tested and approved for the SIDS safety regulation AS/NZ 8811.1:2013.

Purchase the Deluxe Innerspring online today! Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 268 930.

*Orders placed AFTER 18th Dec 2019 will be processed after 13th Jan 2020 and expected for delivery from 20th Jan 2020.

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  • Double sided use
  • Australian made Dunlop foams
  • Unbleached natural Australian made cotton quilt
  • Australian made Tempered bonel spring
  • AS/NZ 8811.1:2013 approved


  • 690x1300x120mm
    $180 $144
  • 770x1320x120mm
    $180 $144
  • 700x1320x110mm
    $180 $144
  • 750x1310x120mm
    $180 $144
  • 680x1310x125mm
    $180 $144
  • 655x1290x125mm
    $180 $144
  • 760x1300x120mm
    $180 $144
  • 680x1280x125mm
    $180 $144
  • 660x1300x125mm
    $180 $144
  • 700x1400x120mm
    $180 $144
  • 690x1400x120mm
    $180 $144
  • 610x1270x120mm
    $180 $144
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"I was very excited to discover that Kangaroo Bedding Baby & Toddler mattresses are now sold direct to the public. Ordering my new kids mattresses through their website was easy and delivery took just a couple of days. Brilliant"

Vincent Choi - Dad to Cooper and Jade