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Kangaroo Bedding products have been reviewed by Red Nose Australia©! Read More.

Before you purchase a mattress for your little one, ask the provider ‘Has this product been reviewed by the Red Nose Australia© Review Committee?’

We at Kangaroo Bedding – Baby and Toddler are proud to announce that in 2019, we submitted our three most popular products to Red Nose Australia© for intensive testing over a 12 week period.

Our three most popular products have been assessed against the Red Nose© safe sleep recommendations. This means that they’re optimised for providing the safest infant sleep.

Direct quotes provided by the Red Nose Australia© review committee:

Our products were put through rigorous testing. The process included testing for off-gassing/fume testing, firmness testing to comply with (AS/NZ 8811.1:2013), testing of material quality, and the overall construction and safety of our mattresses.

These results further elevate and highlight our place in the market, as the leader in Cot and Bassinet mattress Safety.

Some of the elements that set us apart are:

  • Red Nose Australia© Review committee testing and approval
  • 100% Australian made
  • Better value than foreign imported mattresses
  • Custom sizes available

About Red Nose Australia©

Red Nose Australia© are the leading authority on safe sleeping and safe pregnancy. Previously known as ‘SIDS and Kids’, for 40 years Red Nose© have made it their mission to save the lives of babies and children with information campaigns and advice for parents on safe baby sleeping positions.

The Red Nose© Safe Sleep Recommendations include:

  • The best sleeping position for babies is on the back.
  • Keep the baby’s face and head uncovered.
  • Keep baby smoke free, before and after birth.
  • Maintain a safe sleeping environment, day and night.
  • Sleep baby in a safe cot in the parents’ room.

These recommendations, along with Red Nose© ‘s national education programs, have contributed to an 85% reduction in sudden infant deaths since 1989, with around 10,329 babies’ lives saved to date.

While campaigns have been successful in greatly reducing the number of SIDS-related incidents, Red Nose© is working to reduce this number to zero, creating a better future for parents and kids.

If you have any questions in regards to any of this information, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 1300 268 930

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